A Tribute to John Scalzi's Contributions to AOL Journals.

This is John Scalzi, award-winning writer of science fiction novels, non-fiction books, the venerable blog Whatever (since 1998!) and other stuff. He instructed, inspired and amused bloggers on the AOL Journal By the Way from August 20, 2003 until the end of 2007, when his contract ran out with AOL. During that time he created the Weekend Assignments and the Monday Photo Shoots, memes that have since been continued by other bloggers.

Scalzi's other contributions while working with AOL included a financial column in the 1990s, and a "secret" area that existed on AOL for a time. Most recently, he wrote and blogged for AOL's Ficlets interactive fiction site from March to December 2007.

Please help us thank our "Blogfather" for all he's done for the blogging community!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Help Us Thank Our Blogfather!

John Scalzi has announced
that his contract with AOL runs out at the end of this year and is not
being renewed, as he moves on to devote more time to his award-winning
writing elsewhere. Please help us thank him for over four years of his
humor and helpfulness to all of us with AOL Journals and to the greater
blogging community. Leave your comment below, and we will include it in
the next new entry.  If you've written a tribute on your own blog,
leave us the link and we'll pass it on.

Also, please see the entries below for more reasons to appreciate Scalzi, and more ways to join in the celebration. Thanks!


salemslot9 said...

that t-shirt he's wearing
in the picture
reminds me of when he told us
how good IN-N-OUT is
so when we went to Las Vegas
we made a special trip
to the one out there
we even took a picture
of the building
good luck, John!

ryanagi said...

I made some great friends thanks to you, John. By doing your assignments and checking out what others had done, I came across many people who struck my fancy and ended up on my blogroll.  We're gonna miss you!


mosie1944 said...

Ah John, you were the glue that held us together for a long, long time.  I'm happy for your success, sad to see you go, but confident in the knowledge that all things happen for the best.  Best of luck to you, your wife, and your lovely daughter.

promiseluv372 said...

I can't even imagine JLand without you.  I've learned so much not only about things you wrote about but also about myself doing your weekend assignments and photo shoots. I can honestly say you've helped me grow and I thank you!
You will be soooo missed.



lifes2odd said...

I've been here with you since almost the very beginning. I remember way back when we were a tiny little community. One of our most loved bloggers back then (Slomo) wrote an entry saying something about you being our friend even though she knew you couldn't comment on our journals because you worked for AOL. You became "real" to all of us back then when you surprised us with leaving a comment on that entry. We all really loved that and you have been "one of us" ever since. You will be greatly missed John. All the best to you and your family. Martha

lurkynat said...

Dear John,
I have written a tribute to you in my blog Interface. I do invite other bloggers to add onto it. I have linked it to you announcement in November in By The Way.
I learned so much from you. You have always been there for Jland; building laughter, making bridges, teaching us how to blog.
It is  sad because we have met each other at your site as bloggers and we have bugged and outbugged each other there!
We have enjoyed the photo challenges sooooo much!You have inspired many people to work on their craft and to share it!
We have loved hearing about your wonderful family and we will miss Krissy and Athena too very much!
We have enjoyed reading your books and we hope that you will keep us apprised of new publications coming up!
We will sorely miss you and we can only say: Thank you so much! Please come back and visit us from time to time; as we will miss you.
Yours Truly, Lurkynat


gravydogg55 said...

I COMMENTED ON THE DECEMBER  ScalziCelebration   ,



monponsett said...

He's my favorite partially bald Italian.