Scalzi Celebration

A Tribute to John Scalzi's Contributions to AOL Journals.

This is John Scalzi, award-winning writer of science fiction novels, non-fiction books, the venerable blog Whatever (since 1998!) and other stuff. He instructed, inspired and amused bloggers on the AOL Journal By the Way from August 20, 2003 until the end of 2007, when his contract ran out with AOL. During that time he created the Weekend Assignments and the Monday Photo Shoots, memes that have since been continued by other bloggers.

Scalzi's other contributions while working with AOL included a financial column in the 1990s, and a "secret" area that existed on AOL for a time. Most recently, he wrote and blogged for AOL's Ficlets interactive fiction site from March to December 2007.

Please help us thank our "Blogfather" for all he's done for the blogging community!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Your Scalzi Tributes!

Comment from glendar0812 | Email glendar0812
12/14/07 7:00 PM
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was always a BIG FAN of John's blog and
particularly the Weekend Assignment.  I was actually reacquainted with
a fella who I hadn't seen since we were young children through a
Father's day entry.  Our dad's were friends "Back In The Day" ... and
there's a show on sports TV with that name where periodically I get a
glimpse of the man who was my dad's friend racing stock cars.

loved the way John expanded our minds and brought out our creative
side!  Thank You John for your never ending ideas.  I'm sure it must
have exhausted you at times, but we will remain ever grateful.

Comment from rachealcarol | Email rachealcarol
12/15/07 2:46 PM | Permalink

Although I've never taken part in the
challenges I've had much pleasure in seeing what people have been
inspired to take a photo of. And it's difficult to pick a particular I thought I'd pick a couple of John's as a thankyou
for all the suggestions that have sometimes made me giggle when people
have added their own humour, and those that have left me fascinated and
in awe as I stroll away.

I can't do links but these are the ones
I chose. Monday February 27th 2006 'Winter Trying to re-establish it's
reverence'.....I love winter, this tickled me that it was trying to do
the lion thing, but was actually as weak as a lamb :)

Monday April 17th 'something unexpected'....these are robin's eggs.  I
was amazed where they'd left them....another that made me smile.

So thanks John for the tips, the pics, and loads of enjoyable browsing.  Gonna miss yer :)


Comment from monponsett | Email monponsett
12/19/07 11:10 PM

| Permalink Mine was "Blog Naked Day."
Nor'easter Blues

Comment from mariebm56 | Email mariebm56
12/21/07 9:01 PM | Permalink
 I most definitely will miss John Scalzi &
his Monday Photo shoot.  If it wasn't for him I don't think I would
have started a photo journal....& now I am up to 4 AOL Photoblogs.
 It all started with The Monday Photo Shoot.
One of my favorites was when he asked for "Opening Day" theme.

Thank you John for all your great ideas for blogging, & for getting ME get started with JLand thru my photography.  
were also for helpful when we experienced any issues regarding ANYTHING
with the AOL Journals, before Joe the JournalEditor came along.  

Wishing you continued success, John.
Photographs & Memories Too

Comment from salemslot9 | Email salemslot9
12/15/07 11:43 AM
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that t-shirt he's wearing
in the picture
reminds me of when he told us
how good IN-N-OUT is
so when we went to Las Vegas
we made a special trip
to the one out there
we even took a picture
of the building
good luck, John!

Comment from ryanagi | Email ryanagi
12/18/07 1:31 AM
| Permalink I made some great friends thanks to you, John.
By doing your assignments and checking out what others had done, I came
across many people who struck my fancy and ended up on my blogroll.
 We're gonna miss you!

Where Life Takes You

Comment from mosie1944 | Email mosie1944
12/21/07 8:03 PM
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Ah John, you were the glue that held us
together for a long, long time.  I'm happy for your success, sad to see
you go, but confident in the knowledge that all things happen for the
best.  Best of luck to you, your wife, and your lovely daughter.

Comment from promiseluv372 | Email promiseluv372
12/21/07 8:30 PM | Permalink
 I can't even imagine JLand without you.  I've
learned so much not only about things you wrote about but also about
myself doing your weekend assignments and photo shoots. I can honestly
say you've helped me grow and I thank you!
You will be soooo missed.


Comment from lifes2odd | Email lifes2odd
12/21/07 9:00 PM
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I've been here with you since almost the very
beginning. I remember way back when we were a tiny little community.
One of our most loved bloggers back then (Slomo) wrote an entry saying
something about you being our friend even though she knew you couldn't
comment on our journals because you worked for AOL. You became "real"
to all of us back then when you surprised us with leaving a comment on
that entry. We all really loved that and you have been "one of us" ever
since. You will be greatly missed John. All the best to you and your
family. Martha

Comment from lurkynat | Email lurkynat
12/23/07 1:41 AM | Permalink

Dear John,
I have written a tribute to you
in my blog Interface. I do invite other bloggers to add onto it. I have
linked it to you announcement in November in By The Way.
I learned so much from you. You have always been there for Jland; building laughter, making bridges, teaching us how to blog.
It is  sad because we have met each other at your site as bloggers and we have bugged and outbugged each other there!
We have enjoyed the photo challenges sooooo much!You have inspired many people to work on their craft and to share it!
We have loved hearing about your wonderful family and we will miss Krissy and Athena too very much!
We have enjoyed reading your books and we hope that you will keep us apprised of new publications coming up!
will sorely miss you and we can only say: Thank you so much! Please
come back and visit us from time to time; as we will miss you.
Yours Truly, Lurkynat

Comment from gravydogg55 | Email gravydogg55
12/29/07 3:39 PM
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I COMMENTED ON THE DECEMBER  ScalziCelebration   ,

Comment from lifes2odd | Email lifes2odd
12/28/07 11:36 AM | Permalink

I think I know where he'll be this weekend!
Martha :-)

Comment from gravydogg55 | Email gravydogg55
12/29/07 3:32 PM

YEARS.     sam
Sam Says

Comment from deslily | Email deslily
12/31/07 12:49 PM | Permalink
Inside I know this is a good move for you.. to let you write more and get your "fabulous author" career time to grow!

I also know it's one of many aol boo boo's.. you know.. like those ads
on journals. (you remember those don't you John? heh)  Anyway, it's
their loss!  And unfortunately ours also.  I am glad you have "Ficlets"
and "Whatever" so we can keep up with your True Profession..

Much good luck in the future!!!  May 2008 be a very good year for your writing!!!

Pat Neal/ DesLily
Here, There and Everywhere

Comment from justplainbill | Email justplainbill
1/1/08 1:08 PM
Well here the first day without John S.
sending us his thoughts for the day. I for one will miss them, it will
cut my alerts by 50%.
Have a great New Year All, Bill
Just Plain Bill

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where In The World Is Flat Scalzi

Yep, that's right, it's the return of Flat Scalzi! I saw him just yesterday here in Berkeley, California. He was strolling across the Cal Berkeley campus. Have you seen Flat Scalzi in your neighborhood? If so, download the photo of Flat Scalzi, grab your camera, take a picture, then write your own Flat Scalzi entry, and we will feature your link here.

I wonder where in the world Flat Scalzi will end up next?


Flat Scalzi Sightings...




Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Help Us Thank Our Blogfather!

John Scalzi has announced
that his contract with AOL runs out at the end of this year and is not
being renewed, as he moves on to devote more time to his award-winning
writing elsewhere. Please help us thank him for over four years of his
humor and helpfulness to all of us with AOL Journals and to the greater
blogging community. Leave your comment below, and we will include it in
the next new entry.  If you've written a tribute on your own blog,
leave us the link and we'll pass it on.

Also, please see the entries below for more reasons to appreciate Scalzi, and more ways to join in the celebration. Thanks!

Thanks for the Monday Photo Shoot!

Canon s2isJohn Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot became a regular feature on By The Way on March 7, 2005. Two plus years on and hundreds of Monday Shoots later the basic promise of the Monday photo meme has remained the same. In John Scalzi's words:

"I suggest a thing to photograph, and you either go out and photograph it, or, if you already have a suitable photograph you want to share, go ahead use that. Then post the photo on your own AOL Journal, and then just come back here and post a link in the comments."

Simple and easy to participate are the two ingredients of a great meme but it did take a while for photo sharing via Journals to gain momentum. Photo sharing in 2003 and 2004 was a dicey process at best. Online photo sharing services offered photo sharing but in a limited context like e-mail or password protected gallery viewing. By 2005 enough Journalers had mastered the choices of FTP, Photobucket, AOL Pictures and other photo services to make the Monday Photo Shoot a reality.

On a Monday in March of 2005, John Scalzi asked to see our Sunsets and the AOL Journal community responded. A photo meme was born.

Starting with Sunsets to the current topic of "Frosty," the Monday Photo Shoot has let participants share their photos through the community lens. Our Graduations, our Fireworks, our Holiday Celebrations and, of course, our Pets all became subjects for the Monday Photo Shoot cameras. Great photography, good photography or snapshots, it did not matter just as long as you posted a photo to your Journal and posted your link on time. People noticed, looked in and commented on the photos shared.

Connections were made and friendships formed around the Monday photos. Buddy Lists grew as people discovered not only did they write about similar topics, they also admired the same scenery and used the same camera brands. Shutterbugs, snapshot takers and photo story weavers all crossed paths every Monday on John Scalzi's By The Way. A visual conversation of sorts began to happen in comments across the Journal community.

"Where was that photo taken?"
"What is that?"
"Who is that?"
"How can I make my photos bigger?"
"That's Amazing!"
"What camera do you have?"
"Nice to finally see you."
"Wow - how do you do that?"
"I want one of those"
"Nice blue sky, it's raining here."
"You just made me hungry!"
"I have the exact same rug!!!!!"
"I just see a red X"
"Awwwww, she's lovely."

We communicated through our pictures while admiring the results of the Monday Photo Shoots. Sharing photos each Monday on By The Way. Good fun.

What are your recollections? The Best Monday Photo Shoot ever? Your favorite topic? Your favorite shutterbug? Whose photos did you always want to see? Post your links to your own entries in comments about participating in the Monday Photo Shoot and we'll share them here on the Scalzi Celebration blog in the coming days.

Thank You For The Weekend Assignments



A Tribute To The Weekend Assignments

Since John Scalzi first introduced the Weekend Assignments, way back in April of 2004, we had been assigned 195 different topics! We have tackled everything from Kitchen Tips, to Random Things About Ourselves, to our current Weekend Assignment: Way Back When. Along the way, I have certainly had my favorite editions of the Weekend Assignment, how about you?

Lets show our appreciation to John, for all his hard work by picking a past edition of the Weekend Assignments, and sharing it again with him. Just leave us the link, in the comment thread for this entry, to a particular Weekend Assignment you really enjoyed doing, and we will post the link right here in this entry. You can also take a past topic, and post a completely new entry for it on your blog or journal. Either way is fine.


See you soon!