A Tribute to John Scalzi's Contributions to AOL Journals.

This is John Scalzi, award-winning writer of science fiction novels, non-fiction books, the venerable blog Whatever (since 1998!) and other stuff. He instructed, inspired and amused bloggers on the AOL Journal By the Way from August 20, 2003 until the end of 2007, when his contract ran out with AOL. During that time he created the Weekend Assignments and the Monday Photo Shoots, memes that have since been continued by other bloggers.

Scalzi's other contributions while working with AOL included a financial column in the 1990s, and a "secret" area that existed on AOL for a time. Most recently, he wrote and blogged for AOL's Ficlets interactive fiction site from March to December 2007.

Please help us thank our "Blogfather" for all he's done for the blogging community!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank You For The Weekend Assignments



A Tribute To The Weekend Assignments

Since John Scalzi first introduced the Weekend Assignments, way back in April of 2004, we had been assigned 195 different topics! We have tackled everything from Kitchen Tips, to Random Things About Ourselves, to our current Weekend Assignment: Way Back When. Along the way, I have certainly had my favorite editions of the Weekend Assignment, how about you?

Lets show our appreciation to John, for all his hard work by picking a past edition of the Weekend Assignments, and sharing it again with him. Just leave us the link, in the comment thread for this entry, to a particular Weekend Assignment you really enjoyed doing, and we will post the link right here in this entry. You can also take a past topic, and post a completely new entry for it on your blog or journal. Either way is fine.


See you soon!

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glendar0812 said...

was always a BIG FAN of John's blog and particularly the Weekend Assignment.  I was actually reacquainted with a fella who I hadn't seen since we were young children through a Father's day entry.  Our dad's were friends "Back In The Day" ... and there's a show on sports TV with that name where periodically I get a glimpse of the man who was my dad's friend racing stock cars.

I loved the way John expanded our minds and brought out our creative side!  Thank You John for your never ending ideas.  I'm sure it must have exhausted you at times, but we will remain ever grateful.